James thurber the spreading you know essay

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Said, from family history, to have been used by an officer of the 17th Lancers who acquired it from various kit captured from a Russian baggage train. Inhumorist James Thurber wrote a piece for The New Yorker titled quot;The Spreading x27;You Know x27; quot;, in which he decried the use of that phrase by people who couldn x27;t bear to leave short gaps of silence in their conversations.

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The New Yorker, Dec. 31, 1960

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The Spreading “You Know” James Thurber. James Thurbor’s essay appeared in the December 31,issue of The New Yorker. (Satire is a type of humour which uses devices such as sarcasm or irony to ridicule a specific social custom, vice, habit, or human weakness.

It may be directed at an individual, a group, or the whole human race.

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James thurber the spreading you know essay
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